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Our firm focuses on Immigration, Social Security Disability Insurance, Legacy Planning, and Family Law.

We are a multi-language law firm, speaking, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, and French.


Client Testimonials

"Mrs. Woods was an extremely professional and competent attorney during my immigration case. She made herself always readily available through phone calls, emails, and in person meetings to ensure that we achieved the results we desired. Everything she said would happen is exactly how it went. She is extremely personable, friendly, and takes a sincere interest in her clients ensuring a stressful process is as stress free as possible. Her staff is extremely helpful, intelligent and professional. I would highly recommend Mrs. Woods to anyone attempting an immigration case. I could not have completed the immigration of my wife without her. 5/5 stars on her services."

Erick Lallemand

"I went to Elizabeth to get my US Citizenship. She and her staff made this experience enjoyable and effortless, above and beyond my expectations. Moreover, the cost was more than reasonable. I sure know now where to go for good legal advice, and whom to refer my acquaintances to."

Constantino Pipero

"Elizabeth has been supporting me and my family with our immigration process for a year now. Her professionalism, knowledge of the law, expertise in regards to the process and her prompt responses to my questions have made the process less confusing. Her support has been invaluable in ensuring that we complete the immigration process correctly and according to the guidelines. I would highly recommend Elizabeth."

Ceil Morris

"I would like to extend my gratitude and thank you for helping me prepare for my Citizenship interview, preparing the necessary documents required and giving me advise for all legal matters that i am confuse and not sure about. Thank You Attorney Isa for your strategic way of approaching the 100 Civics exam. It helps to me remember items easily. In addition for giving your effort and time to make sure i am well prepared and pin points the items that i need to focus on. Thank you Attorney Elizabeth for giving me legal information by answering all of my doubts, confusion and personal issues. In addition, for your legal support to accompany me during my interview and until the time that i pass the interview. I couldn’t have done passing the interview for Citizenship without your assistance on my case. Thank you also for all the staff of EAWoodLaw firm for very prompt response. Again, Thank You so much!"

Mykel Centenial

"EA Wood Law Firm just change my life forever! they help me to be come a American Citizen. at one point of my life i was fear that i wont be eligible to be come a US citizen because i was arrested and charged with misdemeanor. im a good person we all make mistakes and i learned from my mistakes! that mistake hunt me for a long time. make long story short i took my chances to EA Wood Law Firm and Mrs. Wood and Mrs Issa open the opportunity and chance for me to be come a US Citizen. and now here I am a American Citizen today 08/24/2018. if you have any immigration problem this is the team of attorney you need to have to help you with all of your immigration questions or problem.."

verbss Espiritu


Our Lawyers

Elizabeth A. Wood

“I practice law to serve the people. I am committed to protecting my clients’ American Dream.”

Isa Mari Gratacós-Padró

“My heart goes out to my clients. I am passionate about helping all people.”

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